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Welcome to the online portal of NRB Scholars Publishers. We are dedicated to bring up the art of storytelling come to light and life through each of the content we publish. NRB Scholars Publishers intends to nurture diverse voices of Bengali literature and other talents of art, culture and music with the world.

The Bengali intellect is outspread in art, literature and culture worldwide. Bengali language and literary practice are propagated at present by dint of the immigrant Bengalis throughout the world.

NRB Scholars Publishers began its promising journey in 2005, for publishing the valuable literary works done by the expatriate Bengali writers. In the meantime, we have organized and promoted various publishing programs. We have been the sheer partners in the publications, promotions and distributions of the books of prominent Bengali poets, writers, journalists, immigrant Bengali writers and many renowned scholars.

The mission of NRB Scholars Publishers is to publish quality books, to bring the country’s literature to the world, to introduce the works of migrant writers, to include them in the mainstream Bengali literature and to bring the standard literary creations to the limelight.


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NRB Scholars Publishers Limited