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A large number of Bangladeshi Scholars have been living in various developed countries of the world and rendering extraordinary/ valuable services in their respective fields. The brilliant students of Bangladesh pursue their higher studies in different local universities to become doctors, engineers and members of government civil service within the country, however, after completion of their studies they feel that the return out of their professions and services is not enough, nor at that grants them their expected levels of social status or social security. Subsequently, most of them start thinking of leaving the country in search of more remunerative jobs and relatively better environments abroad. They also face that continuing development of skills and expertise is virtually impossible in their home country. Some of them also realize that given the poor state of academic facilities and limited scope of higher learning in the country, one cannot go beyond a certain level of professional accomplishment. These factors are mainly responsible for brain drain.

Many developing countries like India and Malaysia have already adopted measures to repatriate their scholars living abroad. These countries have taken realistic measures to employ them in their respective fields of experience with the assurance of providing them with due recognition and satisfactory compensation package. We feel that the government of Bangladesh should also undertake similar programs to attract the Bangladeshi Scholars to their homeland. In order to do that, the government should first of all locate and identify our distinguished scholars abroad and who may, if provided with job satisfaction realize the responsibility to contribute to the development of Bangladesh. The government, as well as the employers of Bangladesh naturally want to benefit from the skills and expertise of our scholars living abroad. However, at present, non-resident Bangladeshi scholars have no opportunity of exchanging views with the interested quarters in Bangladesh. However in this age of IT, this problem could easily be overcome by launching a worldwide website for all Bangladeshi scholars living abroad. This is what we are offering you. Please join us in this noble mission and let us all repay our debts to our motherland.