Morshed Alam

Morshed Alam was born and raised in Bangladesh. During his high school years, he acted as a courier for the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters who finally secured Bangladesh freedom from Pakistan. He has a B.S. and masters of science degree from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He and his wife emigrated to the United States in 1984, where he worked as a chemist. He became a United States citizen and considers America his beloved home. Since 1992, he has worked for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. He was twice elected to School Board 29 in Queens; founded the New American Democratic Association; became executive director of the Bangladesh American Friendship Association; and ran for the New York State Senate, which showed the power of the immigrant community when he obtained 42% of the vote. He has been the recipient of numerous civic awards for his contributions to the school board and the immigrant community. One of his honors was being invited to accompany President Bill Clinton on his trip to visit the South Asian countries of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. The New York City Council has recognized his community involvement by voting him to be a Voter Assistance Commissioner. He and his wife have three daughters, and his family has been involved with him in his campaigns and civic causes. One of his recent projects is to help establish a medical clinic and education scholarships for the people in his home village. He looks forward to working with the South Asian countries to establish new business ties with American businesses in order to help South Asia to continue to prosper.

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